Instruments in Arashi Songs Appreciation Post (1/3)
bless the composers of arashi songs.

songs in order: GUTS (trumpets), Happiness (electric guitar), Beautiful Days (piano & violin), Magic Hour (bagpipes), Hello Goodbye (harmonica), Tomadoi Nagara (acoustic guitar), Still… (saxophone), Mukae ni Ikuyo (accordion), voice (flute), Rainbow (saxophone), How to Fly (acoustic guitar), truth (piano & violin), Tsuite Oide (electric guitar), Niji (piano)


K.O.3an Guo First Opening Credits


never doubt my ability to watch the same episode of something ten thousand times and remain just as interested and entertained every single time

Massu can get angry at times that most people won’t, so don’t make him angry

Aaron at 'Fall in Love With Me' Celebratory Event (20140729)
Aaron reveals abs to reward audience for high viewership ratings // watch

Life is too short to spend it at war with yourself. —Unknown. (via youth-memories)
What is love?

Aaron featured in Tia Li’s Facebook Update (20140729)

Don’t let people change the loving and caring person you are. Don’t let anyone get you down. Use the love and goodness inside you to stay strong. —Brigitte Nicole (via seabois)


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